Training course | CNRS-CIPF | VALENCIA
Crosstalk between Ub family members under stress conditions
11-15 MARCH 2019

Six UBIRed and six UbiCODE fellows were trained on techniques for detection of total and individual proteins simultaneously modified by UbLs. The detection of proteins modified by distinct members of the Ub family is still a challenge. Different methods were used to analyse Ub chain composition including detection of Ub-NEDD8 and Ub- SUMO hybrid chains and their recognition by distinct receptors (Western-blot analysis, microscale thermophoresis, nanobodies).

This collaborative learning scheme allowed students to work in pairs or larger groups and to interact with the members of another network. Participants also had the chance to join the celebrations of Las Fallas de Valencia. The Fallas festival was added to UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage of humanity list in 2016.