The MINECO has published the resolution of the 2018 call for dynamic actions “Networks of Excellence”, in which the network of excellence has been granted, in the category of thematic networks “Ubiquitin like proteins in signaling, proliferation and cancer, with reference SAF2017‐90900‐REDT, whose IP is our coordinator Dr. Oskar Fernández Capetillo from CNIO.

In addition, teams from the CiC-Biogune (lead by Dr. Rosa Barrio), Centro de Investigación Príncipe Felipe (lead by Rosa Farràs), Centro de Biología Molecular Severo Ochoa-CSIC (lead by Emilio Lecona), CABIER-CSIC (lead by Mario Garcia Domínguez), Universidad de Santiago de Compostela (lead by Carmen Rivas), Universitat de Barcelona (led by Dr. José Luis Rosa), Fundacio Institut d’Investigacio Oncologica de Vall-Hebron (VHIO) (lead by Gael Roue), Institut de Biologia Molecular de Barcelona-CSIC (lead by Timothy Thomson), Institut de Recerca Biomedica de Lleida, Fundació Privada Dr. Pifarré (lead by Jordi Torres) are integrated into the network.

UBIRed is a network committed to improve the quality, productivity and impact of the research groups in Spain specialised in the study of ubiquitin and UBL proteins and their roles in cell proliferation, differentiation and cancer.